Your Support Makes Our Work Possible

We believe everyone deserves access to high quality, affordable healthcare. At NHC, we provide care to those who need it most while working to eliminate barriers to care such as poverty, lack of transportation, and systemic racism. 

Your gift supports our mission to build healthy communities — one neighbor at a time.

Your Gift Makes A Difference

By making a one-time donation or a recurring gift, you are helping us bridge the gap in healthcare for our neighbors in need.

Bridging the Gap

Did you know our clinics in Oregon will never turn away patients for an inability to pay? This policy reflects our core values and is critical to our work providing whole-person care, prevention, and ongoing support for each patient.

At this level of patient care, a gap is created between the cost of patient healthcare needs (diagnostic procedures, prescriptions, etc.) and the insurance or government funding available to cover the cost of treating patients. Your donations help us maintain that level of care — making a significant impact on the patients who need our care.

Below are a few giving levels that demonstrate every donation makes a difference and helps us bridge the gap in care for our neighbors in need.

St. Johns Advocate

More than 13% of adults living in Washington and Clackamas counties have delayed or not sought care due to an inability to afford the treatment. This includes people who are on Oregon Health Plan as co-pays are an obstacle that can keep people from seeking care. Your $25 donation could remove that hardship for one patient.

Tilikum Giver

The effect of poverty, inequality and financial stress on a person’s mental health is a confounding factor to overall poor health. NHC’s patient base includes individuals and families who live below the federal poverty line, those who are houseless and those at risk of becoming impoverished. Your donation of $50 can help an NHC patient access Behavioral Health services and improve their overall health.

Freemont Supporter

Fully 26% of NHC patients are uninsured, creating a larger financial burden to seek critical medical care. Your donation of $100 could help reduce the burden of costly annual wellness exams for patients without insurance and create the opportunity for better overall health.

Broadway Benefactor

Health inequity is driven most by poverty, structural racism, and discrimination. With 85.1% of NHC patients living 200% below the federal poverty level, many require restorative care and procedures to correct the effects of poverty on health. Your donation of $200 can help a patient afford restorative care, such as dental work, and help close the gap of health inequity.

Mail Your Gift

Thank you for giving back. Print and complete our donation form, then mail the form to:

Neighborhood Health Center
7320 SW Hunziker Rd.
Suite 102
Portland, OR 97223

Checks should be made payable to Neighborhood Health Center.

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