Immigration Resources

NHC is proud to serve our local immigrant and refugee community. We know that patient-centered healthcare means honoring the unique needs and circumstances of each patient. Helping our patients access the resources they need to thrive is part of our mission to support patients both in and outside of the clinic.

Below are some local resources supporting our immigrant and refugee community in Multnomah and Washington Counties.

Immigration Support

Legal Representation

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon's SOAR Immigration Legal Services provides culturally competent, immigration-related legal representation and education to refugees and immigrants with limited income throughout Oregon. Contact them at (503) 384-2482.

Know your rights

Learn about your rights with SOAR’s “Know Your Rights” factsheet for families at risk of deportation.

Legal navigation services

Latino Network’s Culturally Specific Legal Navigation Services ensures that immigrant and refugee families and communities in Multnomah know about their rights and can access the legal and social services they need to thrive.

legal advocacy and translation services

Pueblo Unido provides legal service navigation, advocacy, and translation services to individuals at risk of deportation. Pueblo Unido also helps people who are in ICE custody or in removal proceedings find attorneys and gather supporting evidence in order to have the best possible chance to prevail against deportation. Contact their navigation team by calling (503) 360-0324.

family separation plans

Learn more about making a childcare or family plan in case of separation or deportation with The Oregon Law Center's education packet, available in Spanish or English

Community Support

adult education for latina women

Adelante Mujeres offers Latina women and their families in Washington County holistic programs and the tools to achieve self-determination in the areas of education, leadership training, and enterprise. Their Adult Education Program works to empower Latina women through GED classes, English language development, healing, health, and leadership classes.

housing support

Hacienda Community Development provides affordable housing for low-income families, home ownership education and support, and housing counseling to families at risk of foreclosure.

social services

Centro Cultural provides a wide range of services to the Latinx community in Washington County, including senior services, food boxes, housing support, and career coaching through the Prosperidad program. 

community-led education

The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) supports immigrants and refugees through programming, outreach, and education. Programs include career training and education, family and children programming, and interpretation and translation services.

refugee support group 

The Portland Refugee Support Group empowers refugees through social support and education, providing financial aid, medical navigation, and community building events.

Families and Children

youth education and wellness programs

Latino Network’s Early Childhood Education Program provides a wide range of bilingual youth programming to Latino/x children and families, including early childhood education, school-based wellness programs, youth empowerment, and violence prevention. 

afterschool youth services

The Chicas Youth Development Program at Adelante Mujeres provides year-round, culturally-specific afterschool services at 29 public schools. Chicas empowers Latina/x youth to develop their leadership potential, adopt balanced lifestyles, develop cultural identity, achieve academic success, and build community.

steam development programs

Centro Cultural’s Youth Development Program holds year-round educational program for young people to gain real-world application for science, technology, engineering, art, and math, including a Lego robotics and four-week summer program.

early childhood support

Portland Niños at Hacienda Community Development provides support for families in Multnomah County with children from birth to age five, including parenting support groups, education, and home visits. Children engage in age-appropriate activities geared toward kindergarten preparation, offered in both Spanish and English.