NHC is one of Oregon’s Top Workplaces

Oregon’s largest daily newspaper recently named Neighborhood Health Center one of the 95 Great Places to Work in Oregon and SW Washington.

The Oregonian’s annual Top Workplaces competition is open to all employers with at least 35 employees in Oregon and southwest Washington. This year’s winners were recognized in a virtual ceremony in September.

We asked Jenna Wilson Crain, ND, MSN, MAAT, to share what brought her to NHC, what keeps her here — and to give us a little insight into what makes this place special.

Q. What brought you to work at NHC?

I was fortunate to be a part of the management team from Oregon City and Beaverton that initially met with NHC executives to discuss a potential partnership between our organizations.

I was absolutely impressed with the level of kindness, maturity, and responsiveness that NHC’s leadership showed. From day one they made a commitment to our staff that they weren’t just acquiring a clinic or a group of patients, but that we were going to become part of the NHC family.

The organization’s culture of “yes” and patient-first attitude makes it a joy to work at NHC every day.  

Q. What’s something you’ve learned by working at NHC?

I’ve learned to always keep moving forward.

Every day is a new opportunity to continue to grow and learn something I didn’t know the day before.  

For example, my clinical background is in Primary Care so learning about dental and how to work with dental data to provide meaningful information is completely new and challenging, but every day I learn something new that makes the work a little easier the next day.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your work at NHC?

I love being able to use my clinical expertise to inform data design at NHC and then use that data to positively impact patient care. It makes me excited to come to work every day.


Dr. Jenna Wilson Crain is Director of Clinical Outcomes and CAM Services at NHC.