A Patient Story: Keri

“My husband lost his job and we lost our health insurance. I was talking to a friend about symptoms I’d been having for over a year and how none of the doctors I’d seen prior to losing our insurance believed something was wrong with me. She suggested I go to Neighborhood Health Center (NHC) because they are a community health center that would work with me on payment and also because they had reproductive health providers. I know this may be cliché, but I truly believe it when I say that NHC and Providence St. Vincent’s saved my life,” explains Keri Rusk.

At her first NHC appointment a couple of things stood out to Keri: the promptness of the staff and the One Key Questions on the intake paperwork.  Most importantly her provider, Tove Silver, FNP, listened to everything she said. Keri explains that “she didn’t just nod her head. She actually listened, engaged in the conversation and didn’t end my visit until all my questions were answered, a care plan was developed, and she showed me how to reach her via the health portal.”

When her health took a turn for the worse three months later she didn’t want to go to the hospital because she still didn’t have health insurance and could not afford a bill. Keri needed specialty services that NHC did not offer. Her provider referred her to Providence St. Vincent immediate care. She and her husband were both extremely worried about her health, but also worried about the costs associated with going to the emergency room. Tove explained the severity of Keri’s symptoms and emphasized the need for immediate care. Tove referred Keri to Providence St. Vincent because of their commitment to provide quality healthcare and because Providence St. Vincent would work with the Rusk’s on financial assistance.

“When I arrived at Providence St. Vincent’s Emergency Room an hour later, the ER doctor took Tove’s notes, and followed all of her suggestions. The doctor also worked with the on-call OBGYN and I was referred to the OB/GYN department for urgent follow-up care on Monday morning. The Woman’s Clinic called while I was still in the ER waiting to be discharged to set up my Monday appointment,” describes Keri.

Once again, Keri’s provider, Dr. Reindl, listened to everything she said. Dr. Reindl took her concerns into consideration throughout the entire process, “not only was Dr. Riendl amazing, the entire Providence team was.” The days leading up to my surgery I got multiple calls from each department making sure all my questions were answered. The day after surgery, they called again to make sure I was doing well.”

Keri describes she and her husband as educated, middle class professionals and says, “we never thought we would find ourselves in need of financial assistance for medical expenses or a need for community health center services for healthcare, but we did. I am so grateful to NHC and Providence St. Vincent’s commitment to putting my health first!”