Supporting our staff through COVID-19

Thanks to two partner organizations for highlighting the unique ways NHC is supporting staff during COVID-19. Read more at the links below.

To Avoid Pink Slips During COVID-19, an Oregon Health Center Opens a Staff-Run Child Care Center for Its Employees

“When Neighborhood Health Center got word that the state was ordering a lockdown to protect residents from the new coronavirus, its leaders realized that meant a steep drop in medical visits.

“With no end in sight and routine dental care on hold, the Portland-based health center faced the possibility of layoffs for much of its dental staff. Many providers and clinical staff also faced the potential of being unable to work due to childcare issues.

“The prospect was a painful one. Within a matter of days, however, the health center came up with an ingenious solution: It would open a childcare center for children of its employees who needed child care.”

Visit the Oregon Center for Care Innovations website for the full story.

Neighborhood Health Center Pivots To Support Staff During COVID-19 Crisis

In addition to covering NHC’s in-house childcare center, the Oregon Primary Care Association shared how NHC quickly mobilized a team of volunteers to make and deliver more than 320 masks to NHC’s administrative offices.

Each package contained two masks, a thank you message, photo instructions on how to put the mask on, and a note about who made the masks.

Visit OPCA’s website to learn more.