Celebrating our Doctors

In honor of National Doctors’ Day, we asked Otuodita Ejiasa, MD to share a little about herself and what it’s like to be a healthcare provider during this unique moment in history.

Meet Dr. Otuodita Ejiasa

NHC’s Dr. Otuodita Ejiasa

At the tender age of three, Dr. Ejiasa — or “Dr. E” as she’s known to her patients — already knew she wanted to be a doctor.

The prospect of teaching people about their bodies and how to get and keep them healthy kept her pursuing that goal until it was realized.

Dr. E says one of the most rewarding parts of her job as a physician at NHC is that she’s always learning something new: “There’ll never be a day when I can’t be surprised,” she says.

What’s it like to be a healthcare provider during this unique moment in history?

“Honestly, exhausting,” she says. And that exhaustion isn’t just physical.

Providing healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic really made more obvious the disparities in our society — and that can weigh heavy on the heart.

She believes an important part of her job is to be “chief managing officer of a very frightened population’s anxieties.”

Dr. E describes this time as surreal — especially after talking to colleagues who have been practicing for 30-40 years who say they’ve never experienced anything like this pandemic in their careers.

What inspires Dr. E in her tireless effort?

People, who pursue their happiness unapologetically, inspire me. Maya Angelou inspires me. Being in a kitchen inspires me.

Dr. E. currently practices out of our Oregon City Medical Clinic. When she’s not working, you can find her cooking, playing music, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Thank you Dr. E and to all of our physicians, who care so well for our community. We are thankful for your dedication.

Happy Doctors’ Day from all of us at NHC.