Honoring NHC Nurses

In honor of Nurses Week, we’re sharing a powerful example of how our nurses make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our community.

A Distressed Caller

Alysia Hill, a registered nurse in NHC’s call center, recently took a call from a patient that was in distress over a past due bill.

The patient was so distraught she communicated to Alysia that she was thinking of harming herself.

The caller shared that she had tried to send her pay stub electronically but was still receiving notices.

“She told me she has since lost her job and has been unable to access the website to apply for unemployment because it is always busy,” Alysia explains.

Finding a Solution

Alysia reached out to Meredith in NHC’s billing department to see if there was anything that could be done.

She then helped the patient access MyChart to send a message to her provider explaining her circumstances. Alysia stayed on the phone to make sure billing had received it.

Alysia says, “In less than an hour Meredith sent me a response stating the patient’s balance had been reduced to zero for financial hardship. The patient was so grateful and very relieved. She promised to not harm herself and to use MyChart or call me if she needs any more resources or has concerns about her NHC care.”

Thank you Alysia and to all Neighborhood Health Center nurses for the care and dedication,you show our patients. You make a difference each and every day.

Share your story about a nurse, who went above and beyond, or learn about ways you can give in support of our incredible NHC nursing team here.