NHC leans into its mission, with positive impact

NHC Clinical Pharmacist Uche Nwizu helps patients find the right treatment for them.

Beauty from Ashes: Paul and Amy’s story

Uche Nwizu, a Clinical Pharmacist with NHC, provides care for a couple with several chronic conditions. Amy* has hypertension and schizophrenia and her husband Paul* has diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and bipolar disorder.

Uche has been helping Amy and Paul manage their health for two years. Uche also supports both of them with smoking cessation.

Initial visits involved Uche sitting down with the couple and their daughter (and primary caregiver) to help them understand their many medications. Amy and Paul both had very low health literacy and were easily confused. Uche employed many methods to help them organize their medications.

When Paul and Amy’s daughter and primary caregiver died suddenly and unexpectedly, the loss was devastating. As Amy and Paul shared the news with Uche, she could tell their mental health was very fragile.

With support from Uche, Paul started managing the couple’s medications. Today he knows how to manage all 40 medications between the two of them. He checks his blood sugar and Amy’s blood pressure daily.

While visiting family in California, Paul called Uche because a doctor prescribed a new medication for Amy and he sensed he should discuss any adverse reactions before adding the additional medication to Amy’s regime. Paul asked Uche for guidance.

Recently, Paul and Amy have both quit smoking. Because of their mental health history, there were limited medication options to help them quit. After many stops and starts, they were able to support each other in kicking the habit.

“I marvel at how they have grown since I first met them. They have supported each other despite their mental health challenges,” remarked Uche, adding: “Beauty does indeed come from the ashes.”

Thank you Uche, for providing compassionate care to so many of our patients.


*Names changed to protect confidentiality.